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tv   [untitled]    August 7, 2010 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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heights neighborhood association which is usually pretty supportive of the project. commissioner sullivan: they have done a great job with all of the other projects. the other comment, i guess. there is going to be a camp fire rained -- ring. is that in a grassy area? will there be potential damage to the turf? >> there is a portable propane unit that is elevated off of the grass. it is a pretty small unit. commissioner buell: commissioner harrison. commissioner harrison: concerns about safety, is parked patrol going to be running around? have the pd been contacted?
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>> we contacted the police department as well as part patrol -- park patrol. they have done sweeps to check on safety. commissioner harrison: it is going to be near an on- leash/off-leash dog area? >> we started posting signs so that people who regularly use that lawn that it will be unavailable for that weekend and we will continue to aggressively post it so that it is no surprise to people who use that area. or ruin your overnight camping. commissioner lee: with regard to noise, i know you're going to have entertainment. do you have a curfew in terms of the sound?
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are you going to be monitoring the noise level? >> usually people are extremely tired after this event, so in my experience, people are usually in bed by 9:00 or 10:00 at the latest. we can certainly ask for that quiet time curfew imposed by 10:00. kathy is nodding over there. commissioner lee: i just read evening entertainment. what does that mean? >> we thought about the gay men's choir coming out and performing, it is always acoustic. after people have dinner, it is usually 6:30 or 7:00.
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sometimes it runs a little bit longer than an hour, but as she described, we are pretty early to bed. commissioner lee: that is where we get the most calls. if people think there is a concert going on. thank you. commissioner buell: seeing no other questions. >> i move to approved. >> second. commissioner buell: all those in favor? opposed? hearing none, it is approved. >> we are on item number nine. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i am with the capital division
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here to present the billy goat hill restoration project. this is one of the sites in the trail restoration program funded by the 2008 neighborhood parks. we have a community meeting to discuss the improvements with the local community. it was fairly well attended. we want them to be more specific about the treatment of the area. the change has been incorporated in the concept plan. the project budget is $50,000. this limited budget will be used to target problem areas. these are also some images, the types of improvements for the rustic style. the project will improve trail safety by decommissioning soil
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risk that contributes to erosion. it will provide rustic types sensing for public safety and will produce sensitive habit -- inhabitants. it will also provide erosion control measures and provide sign age. -- signage. in this way, we can help leverage community support and get more real improvements. if approved, we could begin construction in september and be complete by the end of this year. the staff recommends awarding approval for the project. commissioner buell: public comment?
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>> the evening, commissioners. this is my first time. commissioner buell: welcome. >> i live in the area of billy goat hill. i am one of the founding members of the friends of the billy goat hill group. basically, i was going to detail what was already said. what i want to do is to assure you that we have a very large community following membership in our group. there is a lot of enthusiasm for the trail improvement. we are gradually increasing our volunteer list because we
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understand that in addition to the weekly maintenance that we do, we will be playing a large part in the completion of the new trails. we are very excited and enthusiastic, and i just want to show my appreciation for all the hard work, the support, the enthusiasm, expertise from all the people from recreation and parks. we are deeply indebted to them for pushing this project forward and helping us keep really scenic parks where people from all over the city and all over the country come to admire the wild flowers and enjoy the scenery. commissioner buell: thank you very much.
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>> hello, i am also a representative for district 8. the trail is fairly dangerous, so it definitely needs improvement. i attended a meeting on july 14. i got an e-mail from you and from a number of local people. this was also posted in the meeting. while i can't guarantee that anyone knew about it, certainly people did their best. there are some concerns. there's a problem with underage
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drinking is -- some of these can be done with the budget, some probably can't. despite the concerns at the end of the meeting, does anyone disagree with the basic plan? nobody disagreed with the basic plan. we urge you to approve the project. >> is there any other public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner harrison: the question that concerns me with the concrete and the rebar poking out -- >> it is about 1 foot in diameter and 18 inches high. it will be removed as part of the contract portion of the project. commissioner buell: it has been
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moved and seconded. all in favor? all opposed? hearing none. >> we are on an item -- item number 10. >> i am here to present for discussion and possible action the awarded a contract in the amount of $2 million for the renovation project. this is a phase one clean and safe neighborhood project. the recreational park department received the bid is in june that were before the -- below the construction budget. it had to be redirected due to inefficiency in their bid. the next responsible bidder was identified. if approved, we can begin construction as early as september.
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it is expected to be completed by january 2011 and the remainder of the site -- tennis and basketball courts, new restaurants, pedestrian lighting, it could be completed by july 2011. awarding the approval of the construction contract, the amount of $2,449,515. i am available for any questions. >> is there any public comment on this? seeing them, public comment is closed. -- seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner harrison: i understand this is a public restroom? >> is a model we have used before.
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>> [inaudible] >> not at this site, no. commissioner harrison: there have been complaints about the use of this, this is from the plumbers union. they are claiming that there is a problem with -- i thought i was informed that this building was already built. have you already ordered it? >> i think the issue is that it is a pre-fabricated structure. commissioner harrison: has this already been contacted for? >> no, it would be part of the
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contract. commissioner martin: have we reviewed this item with everybody? it is worrying me. >> we set forth a conceptual plan. i believe it was june and july. we set a meeting just for the rest room addition because it got added to the project after the original plan was approved by the commission. then we came back to the commission in april, i believe. there were approvals for the commission to specifically include that restroom. >> was the fact that this was added at a later date become a prefabricated building? >> if you had already started
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the construction drawing for the landscape, this came up to the task force and it was a high priority. in order to maintain the budget, the most efficient and economical way to provide restrooms is a prefabricated restroom. >> the issue is the fact that the unions are objecting to the fact that it is a prefabricated building built off site. supporting work in san francisco seems like a high priority, so the question would be, if this was put in after the initial design, would we reasonably expect that this is a unique situation and it won't be the general rule in the future? >> i can't say what the general rule would be in the future.
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that might be addressed to the restroom program manager. they had a few different scenarios. this one was different in that it kind of got thrust on us through that system, so this was the means left to me. >> as you know, part of the 2008 bond, there is a lot of money approved for the renovation and replacement of restaurants throughout the city. we are looking on a site by site basis, where it makes sense to use prefab. in some cases, it may. in other cases, we may build from scratch. i would like to point out that where we are dropping prefab
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restrooms, there is work that will be done by local trades. there is work that needs to be done at around plumbing, etc.. it is not the greatest use possible, but there is some. >> is there any public comment on this item? >> what is interesting about this particular project, as commissioner harrison described, for that amount of money, something is not right here. it doesn't sound right to me as a community person. why would that kind of money be
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spent on a prefab? and who would maintain this? they just got through saying there would be some more, but there is not -- that is not specific enough. for that kind of money, this should be built from the ground up. and the unions have already put it in writing. i am curious and interested, something doesn't sound right to me. >> i think that the $2.4 million bid is for the entire renovation of the park, not just for the restroom. that is just a small portion of the bid. once the facility is renovated, the bathroom will be maintained
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by the recreation and parks department. commissioner harrison: i had a conversation with one of the plumbers, and i would propose that in the very near future, with the general manager and myself, we might sit down and try to resolve this for future locations. commissioner martin: i have gotten many messages from people. i said, what are you talking about? [inaudible] it is something that we need to look at real seriously.
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commissioner buell: we should continue as public comment. >> if there is additional public comment, come forward please. >> basically i had the pleasure of being on the rest room task force. it cost about $500,000. there is room in the back for lawn mowers and things like that. there are about three of them already. there is one south of market. they are designed to be durable. when i found out the cost that much, i was flabbergasted, too. they have to be able to be checked, in the design is such
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that they wanted to be as easy to maintain as possible. it is a lot of money for a toilet, as prices go, it's about the same. >> is there anyone else that would like to make public comment on this item? public comment is closed. >> i move approval of the staff recommendation. commissioner buell: it has been moved and seconded. all opposed? hearing none, it is unanimous. >> we are on item number 11. >> the item before you is the golden gate park renovation project. it has been in the works for many years.
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there are some funds to help augment that budget. we want to renovate that athletic field. we designed the project, it was estimated at $1.10 million. they requested that they drop the bid and they were granted that opportunity. there was a total project bid of $996,120 that includes basement work and alternates. the items that we're looking for approval on is the removal of the irrigation equipment and the hearings to help assist the operations until we have
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substantial growth. we want to make sure the grass grows properly. we're looking to start this project at the end of september. we hope to have that facility open immediately following construction. with that, ask for your approval. >> is there any public comment on this item? public comment is closed. >> i'm of approval. commissioner buell: all in favor? all opposed? hearing none, it is unanimous. >> [unintelligible] >> the evening, commissioners. i am here to ask that you
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authorize the general manager to negotiate and execute a memorandum of understanding with the san francisco public utilities commission for a long- term parking agreement for 60 parking spaces at civic center garage. it is in the process of constructing a new administration building at 525 golden gate ave. there is no parking in the new building that they are constructing. we are interested in renting 60 spaces from the department. in order to help us with some of our general funds and budget issues that we were experiencing, they agreed to enter into a 75-year lease for the spaces. they also agreed to prepay half
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of the $6.5 million that we talked about a little bit during the budget process. the 3.2 $5 million that they are going to pay us is in revenue in the fiscal year 2010-2011 budget. this has benefited the department when there were reductions we had to make. the one downside is that if you take this payment up front, we will not see revenue over time. it is a trade-off decision that we felt was a reasonable one to make. there is still $3.125 sigmillion
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available, and that will be a conversation as we begin the 2011-2012 budget process. >> is their public comment? come forward. -- is there public comment? come forward. >> how many spaces are going to be left for the public? i would like an answer. >> there are about 850 spaces in the garage. we recently had a long-term tenant, i think it was the fbi that moved out. they had a long-term lease for spaces, so there are spaces available for monthly parking.
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>> is there any other public comment on this item? public comment is closed. commissioner lee: 75 years is a long time to have a lease. have you done analysis given the rate of increase every few years of parking rates and so forth, have you done an analysis of what lost revenue -- what kind of revenues would be loose by locking ourselves into this rate for 75 years verses' going freemarket? >> they assume a 3% adjustment annually upwards. we thought that that was a fair
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compensation to account for life of the lease. >> what about the mta rate increases for the crotch? could you write in to police that the rate would be the same rate that we would get that is set by the nba? >> one of the challenges is that they are making up-front payments, and it is not possible to know what the rates would be over the years. we had to make an assumption, and 3% seemed like a good assumption. commissioner lee: wouldn't it be more prudent to take it in installments? because you can adjust for the price?
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why do we need it up front as opposed to installments? >> this decision was driven primarily by the fiscal crisis. the city in the department -- and the department -- to be frank, i think the budget is likely to be worse than the year we have just come through. i would reasonably expect that we would take most if not all of the $3.25 million. commissioner lee: it seems like we're locking ourselves into something to solve the short- term problem which, you know, if the economy does recover, we might be leaving a lot of money on the table.
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and it might be difficult to maneuver. >> we had to make a trade-off decision here. we made the decision in favor of some short-term benefit, and especially when we were faced with a math problem, we either raise revenue or we cut expenditures. the only place that we have to go in terms of expenditure reduction is on the salary side of the department. we really felt it made more sense to make this decision and take the revenue than to contemplate additional layoffs. >> and you know where you're going to put the money? >> the current year, the year we just began,


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